Snowy winter has cities looking at hydrant markers

Cities in the Northeast and across the country were hard hit by the extreme snow this winter. Now that they are finally digging out, many are thinking about using hydrant markers to improve the visibility of their hydrants not only in deep snow, but all year round.

“I think this really extreme winter pointed out a lot of issues that are going to be relevant year after year,”  a Boston City Councilor told the Boston Globe. “Budgets are tight . . . but in this case, we will see that the benefits far outweigh the costs.”

A recent review of news articles showed cities trying to find funding for high-visibility hydrant markers have received estimates ranging from $20 to $35 per marker.

CY Safety Products is pleased to offer a more affordable option. At $15 to $18 each in a six-pack, our sturdy, rust-resistant and vandal-resistant hydrant markers are the industry’s most economical, highest-performing markers.

Read more about our side-mount hydrant markers and top-mount hydrant markers now.

The advantages of molded polymer for Fireman’s door wedges

Door wedges or door chocks are an essential part of a firefighter’s tool kit. They prevent doors from closing on the hose, reducing or cutting off water flow.  They prevent self-closing and self-locking doors from swinging shut and trapping a firefighter.

Door wedges are also useful during an evacuation, and for chocking doors open for ventilation.

Door wedges made from molded polymer (thermoplastic) material, such as TPE, have two main advantages over home-made wooden door chocks.

1. The molded material is very sturdy yet pliable, creating an excellent grip on the door and the floor. Wooden wedges may be more difficult to wedge under the door and may be more likely to slide on smooth surfaces.

2. Polymer wedges are lighter than wood, but every bit as sturdy.  For example, the CY Safety Products molded TPE door wedges have an open construction for light weight, combined with three internal support ribs for high structural strength. This makes them effective at chocking open even heavy commercial doors. They’re functional up to 300 degrees F.Firefighters' utility door wedge

The main advantage of wooden door chocks is that you can make them yourself out of scrap wood for practically nothing – IF you don’t consider your time to be valuable. Polymer door wedges cost less than $3 and are guaranteed to not give you slivers.

They are lightweight, sturdy, and available in black or high-visibility yellow.

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Video: Making the CY Safety Products flare container

This video takes you inside the CY Plastics facility in western New York, to show you how our skilled blow-molding technicians make our popular 12-flare emergency flare container.

Video transcript:

Hi and welcome to CY Plastics! Today we want to show you the blow molding process we use to make custom plastic containers.

This is our Improved B-24 blow molding machine. This is the hydraulic programming rod, the head tooling, the blow pin, and the mold. This flare container mold was designed and built here at CY Plastics in NY.

The head tooling is specific to each job and controls the way the parasin drops into the mold. We program the machine to adjust the head tooling opening and thereby vary the thickness of the parasin as it drops. We start with a pretty uniform amount for the body of the container, increase it as we get to the handle, and close it off at the top.

The parasin is extruded as programmed. The mold closes around it and air is blown into the center, forcing the parasin towards the inner walls of the mold cavity. Then we wait as the part cools.

The flash outside this pinched seal is cut off and recycled. The top opening is cut out and the edges are flamed to make a smooth seam.

This blow-molded container uses an injection-molded lid that we also make here.

This container holds 12 flares and keeps them handy and dry in an emergency vehicle, in your car or boat, or wherever you need to store them. We also make a smaller container that holds three flares. Visit our website to see our complete line of flare containers and other fire, safety and rescue products.

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Emergency management experts recommend Sure Search door markers

Door Marker, Stamped

Sure Search door marker, door-hanger style

Leading fire, code compliance and emergency management experts recommend including Sure Search door markers as part of the emergency evacuation plans at healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, dormitories, high-rise apartments and many other buildings.

Sure Search door markers were created by a third-generation firefighter to make building evacuations faster and more efficient for both facility managers and emergency responders.

Sure Search evacuation door markers are sturdy and reusable, so that building managers can use them over and over for evacuation drills. In the event of an evacuation, building staff can quickly hang a door-hanger style marker on each room as soon as they confirm that it is cleared. With a quick glance down a hallway, managers can confirm that all doors are marked as searched. This prevents staff from wasting precious time searching some rooms more than once, while missing other rooms entirely.

CY Safety Products produces door markers in the USA in two different day-glow colors, with cut-outs for both round and rectangular door knobs. Our full plastics molding capabilities include text stamping.  We create standard door markers stamped with standard phrases including “evacuated”, “room is empty”, “this room searched” and “room clear.” We can also create custom text stamps to meet a facility’s unique needs for evacuation planning.

Consider the benefits of Sure Search door markers in your next evacuation plan review, or shop for door markers now.

Winter is coming! Order your hydrant markers today.

News-Fire-Hydrant-MarkerFire hydrant markers from CY Safety Products are highly visible, extremely durable and easy to install.

They feature a 60″ fiberglass rod with high-vis reflective tape, and a rust-proof stainless steel spring that allows the hydrant marker to spring back after being hit by snow thrown from plows.

They are available in side-mount or top-mount configurations with sturdy brackets for easy mounting and long life.

Made in USA.

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to make sure all your hydrants are clearly marked. Order online or call (585) 229-2555.