Emergency management experts recommend Sure Search door markers

Door Marker, Stamped

Sure Search door marker, door-hanger style

Leading fire, code compliance and emergency management experts recommend including Sure Search door markers as part of the emergency evacuation plans at healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, dormitories, high-rise apartments and many other buildings.

Sure Search door markers were created by a third-generation firefighter to make building evacuations faster and more efficient for both facility managers and emergency responders.

Sure Search evacuation door markers are sturdy and reusable, so that building managers can use them over and over for evacuation drills. In the event of an evacuation, building staff can quickly hang a door-hanger style marker on each room as soon as they confirm that it is cleared. With a quick glance down a hallway, managers can confirm that all doors are marked as searched. This prevents staff from wasting precious time searching some rooms more than once, while missing other rooms entirely.

CY Safety Products produces door markers in the USA in two different day-glow colors, with cut-outs for both round and rectangular door knobs. Our full plastics molding capabilities include text stamping.  We create standard door markers stamped with standard phrases including “evacuated”, “room is empty”, “this room searched” and “room clear.” We can also create custom text stamps to meet a facility’s unique needs for evacuation planning.

Consider the benefits of Sure Search door markers in your next evacuation plan review, or shop for door markers now.

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