Snowy winter has cities looking at hydrant markers

Cities in the Northeast and across the country were hard hit by the extreme snow this winter. Now that they are finally digging out, many are thinking about using hydrant markers to improve the visibility of their hydrants not only in deep snow, but all year round.

“I think this really extreme winter pointed out a lot of issues that are going to be relevant year after year,”  a Boston City Councilor told the Boston Globe. “Budgets are tight . . . but in this case, we will see that the benefits far outweigh the costs.”

A recent review of news articles showed cities trying to find funding for high-visibility hydrant markers have received estimates ranging from $20 to $35 per marker.

CY Safety Products is pleased to offer a more affordable option. At $15 to $18 each in a six-pack, our sturdy, rust-resistant and vandal-resistant hydrant markers are the industry’s most economical, highest-performing markers.

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